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Bigmate Philippines Incorporated

BIGMATE PHILIPPINES, Inc. is a multinational export enterprise established on April 27, 2000. Ninety nine percent (99%) of the organization is Japanese owned. The venture was backed-up by Otomo Seisakusyo Co., Ltd from which the name of the company was derived. Resided at First Philippine Industrial Park in Sto.Tomas, Batangas in August 2000, the BIGMATE PHILIPPINES, Inc. had engaged in manufacturing of semiconductor electronic products such as injection molded plastic, chip mounting and UV painting assembly.

Story of Success

Bigmate Philippines Inc. had engaged in manufacturing of semiconductor electronic products for Two decades, creating high quality products and providing 100% customer satisfaction. In the motto of sincerity, effort and service we contribute to the society by creating cheerful workplace, environmental preservation and the development and wellbeing of the employees.

BMP Advantages

Bigmate is one of the pioneers in the industry that established strong partnership with the customers.

We are experts in this field who produce high quality products but still looking for an opportunity to improve.

Our services and products are not just for electronics and automotive companies, but also in gaming, food, industrial, medical, household and many more.

We have services that ordinary Plastic injection and SMT companies don’t have; we can also provide sub-assembly for Plastic Injection and PCB Assembly.

We are not just a company; we are a company with heart. Doing business with Bigmate is not just “Finding the Best Solution With Us”, you are also helping our academic scholars reach their dreams.

Machine and Facility

Plastic Injection Machine List

Weight Model Manufacturer Number of Units
450 ton VR-450P VICTOR 1
350 ton VR-350E VICTOR 2
280 ton SI-280 TOYO 1
180 ton NEX180 NISSEI 1
180 ton FS180 NISSEI 1
180 ton ES4000 NISSEI 1
140 ton FNX140 NISSEI 1
110 ton NEX110 NISSEI 1
110 ton ES2000 NISSEI 2
80 ton ES1000 NISSEI 2
60 ton ES600 NISSEI 1
60 ton PS60E NISSEI 1
30 ton NEX300 NISSEI 1

Decoration Machine List

Machine Type Model Manufacturer Number of Units
Heat & Cool Injection Facility RICH-4 YUDO-SUNS 3
Hot Stamp Machine V-10 Navitas 2
Silk Screen Print WSC-260B WINON 1

Inspection Machine for Injection

Machine Type Model Manufacturer Number of Units
CMM (Manual) QA-Measure 353 MITSUTOYO 1
Visual Measurement VMS-2515G WANHAO 1

SMT Machine/Facility

Line Number SMT Machine/Facility Model Maker Number of Machine
Line 1 Solder Printing MS-500 HITACHI 1
SMT Machine YV-100XE YAMAHA 1
SMT Machine YV-64 YAMAHA 1
Reflow Oven AIS-20 EIGHTECH 1
Line 2 Solder Printing TSV-700V TENRYU 1
SMT Machine YV100 YAMAHA 1
SMT Machine YV88-X YAMAHA 1
Reflow Oven NIS-310F EIGHTECH 1

Inspection Machine for SMT

SMT Machine/Facility Model Maker Number of Machine
Visual Inspection 22XDL MARANTZ 1
ICT F-2000 Plus KYORITSU 1


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